Ebony To Ivory toothpaste has a distinct dark color (hence the name).  Because there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives, no foam will be produced while brushing.  The ingredients in this toothpaste does an excellent job at cleaning and whitening teeth as well as helping to heal gums.  The consistency of Ebony to Ivory has its own uniqueness.  The low viscosity of this product allows the toothpaste to pump fluidly through the small opening of the tube.  This is what makes Ebony to Ivory so unique.  For best results we recommend that you wet your toothbrush first then pump Ebony to Ivory onto the brush the desired amount of times. No need to wet your toothbrush again, just begin brushing.  Ebony To Ivory typically lasts 30 days with brushing twice per day.

Ebony to Ivory Toothpaste - 2oz.

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  • Why is this toothpaste so good for your mouth?

    Because it was put togerther with the best ingredients thats designed to whiten teeth & heal gums. Mouth therapy and total oral care, where ultimately you Can't Help But Smile!

    • green clay
    • aloe vera
    • coconut oil
    • activated charcoal
    • sea salt
    • stevia
    • peroxide
    • essential oils

    An abundance of goodness for your teeth and gums!


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